Kirb curt dang nice cobayn

From KirbyGang MC

kirb curt dang nice cobayn (aka good_to_know_man, nice_one_bro, or gangslimejit) is one of the most active members in Kirby Gang MC, despite not being too active in the Kirby Gang discord. They are characterized as typically being very nice to everyone, but also being very powerful, usually only second to KirbySSM.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

kirb curt dang nice cobayn (referred to as curt from now on) was one of the most powerful members of the season, the other being KirbySSM. Curt had full enchanted netherite armor, as well as an elytra and an enchanted netherite sword. Curt killed 2 withers (working with KirbySSM) and had a beacon. Curt built many structures in Marx Mountains, such as the court house used for SSM Global Justice and for local Marx Mountain court cases. Despite losing his netherite armor a couple of times, curt prevailed and stayed close to or perhaps even equal to KirbySSM.

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